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 3-7 SEPTEMBER 2012

Hamiltonian structure of the constrained BFCG theory

Marko Vojinović

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Motivated by the Poincare 2-group structure, one can write the corresponding generalization of the topological BF theory, called the BFCG model. The main feature of the BFCG theory is that the tetrad fields are explicitly present in the action. Furthermore, this action can be suitably constrained to become equivalent to ordinary general relativity. The Poincare 2-group structure then allows one to perform a covariant quantization, called the spincube model. However, the canonical quantization of the theory requires the detailed knowledge of the Hamiltonian structure of the theory. In this talk we shall discuss the Hamiltonian analysis of the constrained BFCG action, its algebra of constraints and form of the generators of gauge symmetries.