Registration and payment

Information and deadline:

Participants are requested to do the Registration and the Payment of the conference fee until 31st January, 2014. Please, check the information on the cost of the conference fee.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The presenting authors of accepted submissions MUST register and pay for the conference fee no later than 31st January, 2014. Also the co-authors that will attend the conference MUST follow the same deadline for registration and payment.
Participants who have not submitted proposals should also proceed with Registration and Payment until 31st January, 2014. After the 31st January the registration fee will be subject to an extra charge of 60 euros.

Instructions for Registration and Payment:

1. To register at the conference send the Registration Form (Download here) with all the required data to the conference email address:

2. Graduate Students benefit from a reduced fee. A proof of graduate student status MUST be sent with the Registration Form (graduate course registration form, proof of tuition payment, or any copy of an official document that proves you are a graduate student).

3. The registration fee has to be paid by Bank Transfer. Information on the recipient Bank Account is included in the Registration Form.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Beware that several banks have charges for wire transfers. The sending bank and intermediate banks through which the transfer travels may deduct fees from the money being transferred. The participant either ensures that the amount for registration is fully received by the recipient or will be asked to pay for the amount that was withdrawn by the bank during the transfer operation.

4. A copy of the payment made by bank transfer MUST be sent as an attachment together with the Registration Form.